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Estate Planning

Image by Tierra Mallorca

Providing your dependents with financial security after you are gone requires proper planning of your estate. There is no better time to plan your estate distribution than when you are still in control of your assets and wills.  If you haven't already done so, it is important to assess your current assets and liabilities and make a will that includes a plan to ensure your financial matters are properly handled in accordance to your wishes.  


Planning your estate is crucial, especially when you have dependents. With proper estate planning, you get peace of mind knowing that your assets are sorted.

Proper estate planning includes doing up a will and having a trust structure in place to ensure your assets are passed on to another generation accordingly. Planning ahead prevents problems from arising at a later stage.

Some of the undesired situations include:

  • Liquidation of assets at unfavourable prices 

  • Uncertainty from heirs on managing your portfolio

  • Limited visibility of assets

  • Overspending on your funeral 

  • Responsible to pay off debts left behind

However, when planned properly, the benefits of Estate Planning are aplenty: 

  • Achieve expedited probate process and payment of estate duty, thus freeing up your assets.

  • Distribute one’s wealth according to one's wishes and avoid any transfer to unintended beneficiaries.

  • Protect the estate against creditors.

  • Avoid any potential disputes.

  • Secure the best terms for assets like business ownership.

  • Allocate sufficient liquid assets so that real property, businesses, and shares can remain intact or be disposed at favourable times.

Here at FW Group, we are well-equipped with financial experts and knowledge to help you take the first step in planning your wills, trusts, and estate tailored to your individual needs.

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