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Insurance Plans


Life Insurance

Very often, it is difficult to anticipate the unexpected - suddenly leaving behind dependents to cope with bereavement and financial hardship due to a loss of household income. It is imperative to give it due consideration, especially when a dependent family is involved.  With life insurance, it ensures financial protection for the family in the event that you, as the breadwinner pass on or suffers a major illness.


Critical Illness Cover

With the rising cost of treating life-threatening illnesses, a standard health insurance plan alone will not provide sufficient coverage. With proper critical illness insurance, the payout can be used for not just treatments or critical medical services but also non-medical cost related to the illness such as day to day expenses, childcare, and transportation.

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Company Keyman Insurance

People are assets to businesses and within each organisation, there are key people who play a pivotal role in the business. Any premature death of this key person can disrupt operations and affect the survival of the business. Key man insurance provides the business with liquidity to continue business operations.

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Investment Linked

Want your investments to double up as an insurance coverage? With an investment-linked plan policy it gives you the opportunity to potentially gain higher returns and the flexibility to adjust your coverage without paying higher premiums. 

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Private Medical Insurance

Give yourself the treatment you need at the comfort level of your choice when you fall ill, get injured or become disabled. With private medical insurance coverage, you get peace of mind knowing your treatments are accounted for while receiving cash payouts, depending on the type of coverage plans.

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Disability Income Protection

Disability due to any accident or illness may potentially leave you in a situation where you are unable to work. This can be a devastating situation for you and your family but the financial support you need to support your family can still continue with a disability income protection plan.

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Employee Benefits

Employees are valuable assets to the company. Ensuring that they enjoy comprehensive welfare benefits is key to attracting and retaining employees. With a well-structured group employee benefits scheme, it allows you to provide your employees with the best possible medical coverage in a cost-effective manner.  

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